TeleSSL Secure Certificate




TeleSSL - Secure TransactionsThe personal data you provide us is crucial for the correct and efficient processing of your order.  The ordering process is protected by a secure SSL-Connection. Your personal information is kept secure from third parties and will not be transferred to other parties.

You can determine whether SSL is active on a browser window when the padlock is displayed in the browser and the address line starts: https://.


In Internet Explorer look for

Secure address bar

And the secure padlock


In Chrome look for

Secure address bar

All data you provide us are encrypted by the standard SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) procedure.  Your data will only be sent via a secure connection to the server where they can then be read.  In this way, important information like credit card numbers, addresses, etc. can be safely transmitted online.

Highest level of security methods are implemented in payment processing and data transfer.  Our server certificate was issued to us by TeleSSL.  All TeleSSL certificates are 128bit or higher. The TeleSites.Net powerful Microsoft Windows Advanced Servers support SSL Version 3 (128 bit, SSL2, and SSL3). This allows your browser to connect securely to secure servers and web sites. 

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