Target Marketing

Why not place your advertising dollar where it will see a return? Advertising on the internet can be costly and most times miss it's target, your real audience.

ADB offers you the ability to put your message in front of the right audience and potential customers from your specific area by the counties and states you service.  In this aspect it is not the quantity but quality of visitors to your listing that is important.


Before AppraiserDatabase.com

The best way for an appraiser to achieve nationwide exposure was through high cost advertising or Appraisal Management Companies (AMC's).  Both cost the appraiser a considerable amount of money, thus making them marginal solutions.  Nationwide advertising is expensive and it is difficult to track national results. As an alternative solution, an appraiser would have to rely on work from local brokers, or nationwide business referred from AMC's for fees lower than they would typically charge. 


Before Online Pay-per-click Advertising

The best way for an appraiser to achieve exposure online was through high maintenance web site optimization and design.   Search engine submission did not guarantee that your web site would even appear anywhere in the listings let alone in the top ten of Search Engine indexes.  Pay-per-click advertising has changed all this.  But even with its advent the cost and time involved for a single appraisal company to get in front of the right audience can be high and the results mostly trial and error.  With ADB you share these costs with all our Members and we get your detailed listing put right in front of potential customers for your specific area by the exact counties and states you service.

Some of the ADVANTAGES of


  • Nationwide exposure at a minimal cost.
  • Shared pay-per-click online advertising.
  • Results from all the major Search Engines without the costs or overhead. 
  • One flat fee for all counties and states you service - no charges per lead / referral.  
  • 100% retention of appraisal fees and higher profit margins.
  • Direct communication with the client, which in turn leads to fewer errors and increased client satisfaction.
  • Access to valuable industry information 24 hours per day.
  • One appraisal order more than pays for your membership!


  • Pay lower appraisal fees.
  • Communicate directly with the appraiser.
  • Instant access to thousands of appraisers.
  • Find an appraiser anywhere in the United States.
  • Quickly zoom into the exact area by State and County and see complete details.
  • Search by important criteria which YOU choose.
  • Access to valuable appraiser documentation such as qualifications, fees and approval lists.
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